Savina Avilov
Nyx colored by yuikami

General Information

Age 29
Homeworld Earth

Personality Tough, prefers to keep to herself some times, slightly aggressive, plays hard to get when hit on
WarFrame Nyx
Primary Weapon Paris
Secondary Weaon N/A
Melee Weapon Pangolin Sword
Sentinel N/A


Early LifeEdit

This Tenno was one of many who felt the tragedy of losing her family to the Grineer Empire. She fought for her life and got away from the Grineer's expansion throughout Earth. She fled to Mars and was found in a Corpus hangar bay by the Tenno.

Savina eventually aligned herself with the Tenno and became one their most skilled fighters.

Tenno LifeEdit

After becoming a warrior for the Tenno, Savina honed her skills with the Nyx WarFrame. She became one of the top Tenno and was sent on missions frequently with Sigma team. While on this team she developed feelings for on of her comrades who had saved her life several times.