Ridian Cadmus

Ridian Cadmus

General InformationEdit

  • Age: 36
  • Homeworld: Neptune
  • Personality: Calm, Comedic


  • WarFrame(s):Ash/Ash Prime
  • Primary Weapon:Latron Silenced/Dread
  • Secondary Weapon: Kunai/Dispair
  • Melee Weapon:Ether Daggers/Hate
  • Sentinel: Shade


Early LifeEdit

Ridian has always been focused on freeing the Sol system from the control of the Grineer. He was dedicated to the Tenno organization as one of their top assassins with countless assassinations under his belt. His Ash was customized completely to fit his special brand of 'Liberation' against the Grineer and their allies. When he and his brother were sent on a mission to recover a high priority Granneer ship from the Corpus around the planet Venus  their ship was pulled into a never before seen Orokin Void, where they found powerful Orokin artifacts. Afterwards his brother and himself found themselves at odds with the other Tenno and broke away from the organization to liberate the system in their own way.

Life As a MercenaryEdit

Combat StyleEdit

Ridian is all about accuracy and the quick kill; one shot one kill. This doesn't change much after he enters the Void and gets his upgrades, the only real difference now is that he can be completely silent with his attacks. He is unmatched in the known universe when it comes to swordplay, and you would be hard pressed to find a better shot.