Trinity by yuikami

General Information

Age 31
Homeworld Saturn

Personality Polite, quick witted, concerned, ocassionally snappy
WarFrame Trinity
Primary Weapon Braton
Secondary Weaon Lex
Melee Weapon Ether Sword
Sentinel Wyrm


Early Life Orphaned when the Grineer seized her homeworld of Saturn, Lilith was left with little options in her life. She struggled just to get by until she was rescued by Liam Cadmus, one of the Tenno, when she was 29. After this she joined the Tenno herself.

Combat StyleEdit

Lilith being a kind person uses a WarFrame that allows her to heal her squadmates and support her squad rather that deal damage. However, she has quite the trigger finger with her Braton and her Lex, and is capable of defending herself well.