Liam Cadmus
Frost by yuikami

General Information

Age 34
Homeworld Neptune

Personality calm
WarFrame Frost, Frost Prime
Primary Weapon N/A
Secondary Weaon Lex, Dual Lato Prime
Melee Weapon Fragor, Reaper Prime
Sentinel N/A


Early LifeEdit

Liam Cadmus was once a Tenno who believed in liberating the Sol system from the Grineer. This all changed when he discovered Orokin artifacts within the void. With his brother Ridian, he left the Tenno and became a mercenary. However, his dream of liberating the system from the Grineer could not be changed.

Life As a MercenaryEdit

Combat StyleEdit

Liam used the Frost designed WarFrame until he discovered it's predecessor, the Frost Prime. His fighting style implements brute force with his ice attacks and his heavy melee weapon. Before obtaining the Lato Primes, Liam would use his Lex to deal heavy damage to tougher enemies. This tactic changed once him and Ridian left the Tenno. Now Liam uses dual Lato Primes and has more of a gunslinger style with his pistols.