Jet was one of the greatest tenno to live who was normally sent on spy missions. Before his life as a tenno, he was a poor boy living in Eidolon. He was beaten up by Grineer soldiers, and shopkeepers, you see Jet was a thief who would steal food that was until he met the tenno. The Lotus saw potential in Jet and he took a test. After taking the test Jet discovered how great he was in spy missions and was sent on one. Jet went alone to the spy mission with a Loki and managed to get important information without the enemy knowing, as a reward Jet was given the Ivara warframe. Jet began to climb the ranks of the Tenno until he was the second highest rank. One day Liam Cadmus (a close friend to Jet) became evil after discovering Orokin artifacts. Jet tried to stop Liam, but Liam refused, so they had to end this with a battle. Jet easily defeated Liam, but when Liam was lying injured on the ground Jet refused to kill him and while he was getting his air back from sweating Liam grabbed his Lex Prime and shot him. Jet died moments later but his legacy still remains as one of the greatest tenno to ever live.


Jet was great at using bows and arrows, he always used his dread. Jet also had the despair with him. Jet was also very good with swords so he used a Nikana Prime. Jets warframe was Ivara so he was very tacticle.