General InformationEdit

Age: 75
Homeworld: Earth
Personality: Dire


WarFrame: Hydroid
Primary Weapon: Katana
Sentinel: N/A

Release Date: May 29th, 2018


"Øxygen" is familiar with the species and Warframe "Hydroid" which is held within origin. "Øxygen" was available at long last with a source which could not remind you of peoples withdrawing files instead as "Mods". Casting and holding Blades instead of Rear Weapons "Øxygen" does not count to the chronicle instead. As a breathtaker "Øxygen" doesnt believe in fatal healing and never considers to be seen. He is hidden behind true exercise where he cannot be left within a minute lonesome. "Øxygen" doesnt believe and never feels warm in his heart. Once ago he struggled farseen and nowhere to peaceful remark and got no interests in clash.